Park Yourself in Luxury at KSquare

From the very beginning when our team began designing KSquare Condos, we considered all possibilities for the comfort and wellbeing of the residents who will live here. KSquare’s convenient location at Kennedy Road and Highway 401 is certainly a bonus for easy access and getting around the GTA and beyond.

But we needed to ensure that traffic noises do not bother residents. Our innovative solution was to use the positioning of the ample parking facilities so as to mitigate any noise created by the roadway. We have dedicated the floors adjacent to the Highway 401 to parking spaces instead of suites for the benefit of our residents.

When complete, KSquare Condos will offer residents three floors of well-lit underground parking plus another six floors of safe, secure and bright above ground parking. Access to the extensive underground parking will be by (security key fob? License plate recognition?) and numerous security surveillance cameras will be installed with 2-way video communication linked to the 24-hour concierge desk. Being able to offer extensive parking as well as a choice of underground or above ground facilities is important to residents and their guests. By design, these parking facilities are situated adjacent to and facing Highway 401, ensuring the minimum noise possible.

Recognizing the needs of today’s progressive buyer, KSquare will also offer charging stations for electric cars, accommodation for a car-sharing program and provides unmatched proximity to public transit so buyers can be completely independent from the car if they choose to be.

At KSquare Condos, we consider our residents and our community first. We are committed to offering the best possible lifestyle that brings families and neighbours together to enjoy their best life here. KSquare will be unlike any other condominium in the GTA and will be recognized to be thoughtfully-designed in every aspect, even parking, something that is usually the last consideration in other condominium developments.